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Cle Elum Downtown Association Preparing for Upcoming Holiday Events

This time of year, between Halloween and New Year's, is always busy and jam-packed with activities - it seems difficult sometimes to even catch your breath in the whirlwind of the upcoming holiday fun! Certainly, all of us at Cle Elum Downtown Association have been busy volunteering, planning events and gearing up for the season.

This year, at Cle Elum Downtown Association, we committed ourselves to improving downtown Cle Elum and advancing our mission to promote and develop the downtown as the city's social, cultural and economic center. This means that every day, we will strive to play a role in strengthening the local economy, engaging community members through activities and volunteerism, and promoting historic preservation, beautification and design improvements in downtown Cle Elum.

  • Quarterly Socials - ongoing
  • Pioneer Days Celebration 2018 - completed
  • Release of our Facade and Beautification Grants - ongoing
  • Rooftop Lighting in Downtown - completed
  • Chip seal project of Railroad Street - completed
  • Matching funds for Peoh Ave Project - in progress
  • Umpqua Bank Park Project in-progress
  • Glondo's Park Project - in progress
  • Boo-Elum Trick or Treating - coming soon
  • Christmas in Cle Elum - coming soon

To learn more about Boo-Elum and Christmas in Cle Elum visit our Facebook page @CleElumDowntown.

We also look forward, as in past years, to strengthening our relationship and working more closely with the city and other community organizations toward the shared goal of improving our downtown.

CEDA has come a long way in the past few years. We have learned so much and grown as a result of the dedication of our volunteers and investment from community members, business owners and the city. We look forward to 2019 and all the opportunities it may bring.

Volunteers are the backbone of the CEDA and we appreciate all of the time and energy they have donated. If you would like to engage with the Cle Elum Downtown Association we would love to hear from you. Visit www.cleelumdowntown.org/volunteer/ to sign-up with us, we look forward to having you.

Get Involved with the Cle Elum Downtown Association

The Cle Elum Downtown Association mission is preserving, promoting, and enhancing Cle Elum's Historic Downtown as well as creating partnerships that stimulate economic activity and action for renewed sense of pride and community. We live by our mission and want to do our part in helping local businesses and communities be as successful as they can be! Cle Elum Downtown Association takes advantage of the Main Street Four-Point Approach® which is a unique preservation-based economic development tool that enables communities to revitalize downtown and neighborhood business districts by leveraging local assets -- from historic, cultural, and architectural resources to local enterprises and community pride.

How Cle Elum takes advantage of the Main Street Four-Point Approach® alongside the 2018 Work Plan.

1. Building a Main Street framework

Everyone must work together to renew downtown Cle Elum. By networking and connecting with community members and business owners, strong relationships are built that downtown Cle Elum can benefit from. Cle Elum Downtown Association offers Socials for Businesses by Businesses that encourage networking and relationship building as well as other networking events.

2. Promotion!

Cle Elum Downtown Association hosts a Promotion Committee where local business owners, board members, and community members can discuss promotion of downtown as the center of commerce, culture, and community life. Cle Elum Downtown Association promotes current projects, local events, and much more! Promotion supports retail health and growth, tourism, and recruitment.

3. Revitalization and enhancement of the look and feel of Cle Elum

Downtown Clean Ups put on by volunteers is a great way to support beautification of Downtown Cle Elum while also instilling community pride. Small projects can make big changes! Another of the Cle Elum Downtown Association's goals is to provide business owners with building assessments that can help inspire preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings. A welcoming downtown district invites visitors to explore Cle Elum.

4. Economic Restructuring Downtown

Assessments of parking/traffic, creation of a database of properties, buildings, and businesses helps to ensure efficiency of Downtown Cle Elum as well as allows for an understanding of expansion of downtown whether that's via introducing new businesses, parks, or converting current buildings or spaces.

You have the power to create a thriving, entrepreneur-friendly environment, don't let your power go to waste. Learn how you can get involved! Please contact Amy McGuffin, Director of Tourism/Executive Director, if you have any questions on how to get involved with the Cle Elum Downtown Association. Email Amy at amy@kittitascountychamber.com.

Cle Elum Downtown Association to Start City Beautification Projects: 2018 Contributions - Downtown Masterplan - Park Fundraising

CLE ELUM - The Cle Elum Downtown Association would like to express our gratitude to the community. Thanks to your generous contributions, Cle Elum is one step closer to implementing the various beautification and enhancement projects and proposals that the Cle Elum Downtown Association has planned. The creation of our Masterplan would not have been possible without the help of the community.

With our partnership with Umpqua Bank we hope to take advantage of a small open plot to create a "Pocket Park." This Pocket Park would sit between two historic brick walls featuring new landscaping, design, and lighting. The intention is for this space to become a fun, relaxing, and unique atmosphere for all to enjoy. We have proposed two different concepts for the Pocket Park. The first concept of the Pocket Park will feature living walls, shading canopy's, and moveable furniture. The mature landscaping of the second concept gives the pocket park a more permanent feeling while featuring outdoor seating and a relaxing atmosphere. The second concept also has potential for an outdoor project screen or art installation. If you would like to see the Pocket Park become a reality in Cle Elum, please considering donating so we can create this fun, welcoming space in downtown Cle Elum.

Your contributions will go to the general beautification and efficiency of Cle Elum through various proposed projects such as improving parking on Pennsylvania Avenue and adding new landscaping, re-introducing murals, art, and historic photographs on the large blank walls of Farm and Home Supply, painting new crosswalks, improving gateways between different parts of town through the Gas Light District and Wye Park, various storefront upgrades and much more! Please check out our Master Plan to see even more ideas on how we hope to enhance Cle Elum by visiting our website: cleelumdowntown.com.

The Cle Elum Downtown Association, in partnership with the Kittitas Chamber of Commerce and the Cle Elum Eagles 649, would like to welcome you to join our Business Social on June 19, 2018 at 4PM - 6PM at 22o N Pennsylvania Ave. This social is an event by businesses for businesses and is a great place to network and meet other community members. Check out our Facebook Event page for more details.

Please contact me, Amy McGuffin, Director of Tourism/Executive Director if you have any questions on how to get involved with the Cle Elum Downtown Association. Office hours at the Cle Elum Visitors Center are Tuesdays, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. or you can email amy@kittitascountychamber.com.


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