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Flowering Baskets Help Downtown Bloom

Hanging baskets from the City’s light poles bring an added beauty to Cle Elum Downtown area. Joining the flowers that many of the businesses provide, the new baskets add additional color and feeling of welcome to local shoppers and visitors.

“The Cle Elum Downtown Association has been working on the Hanging Baskets project for several years,” said Debbie Bogart, Executive Director. “this is a partnership that CEDA has been building with the City of Cle Elum and local businesses. Being able to hang baskets on the light poles along Main Street and Pennsylvania Ave is exciting.”

Through the generous support of local business owner, Gene Morgan from the Cannibas Superstore, hanging baskets in downtown Cle Elum will be enjoyed throughout the summer. Gene shared that he feels it is important to make our town even more attractive, and “hanging the flower baskets just felt like a great project to support. “I love seeing them as I drive through town.”

Through the help of the City of Cle Elum Maintenance department, basket hangers were placed on light poles, baskets of flowers in the hangers when they arrived. This partnership includes utilizing a watering system that was purchased by CEDA for City Parks staff to use.   Baskets will remain well watered throughout the summer.

“The Hanging Basket Project is just one example of how The Cle Elum Downtown Association events and activities provide opportunity to develop and build partnerships with businesses, community members and organizations to attract local shoppers and visitors into our downtown area,” said Bogart. 

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