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Keith Watts

About Keith

Keith was born in Milwaukee, WI, however, grew up in in Toronto, Canada. He was an avid soccer player, but, the frequent moving his family did led to him attending six different high schools, one of which was the military school, Robert Land Academy. It was at Robert Land where Keith flourished. He credits that school for saving him from a troubled future and instilling strong values of loyalty, labor, courage, commitment and honor. Those values have been the basic building blocks for his life ever since.

Iowa and California

Keith continued 'school hopping' through college, attending three universities: MIU, University of Iowa, and California State University Fullerton. He majored in Acting with minors in Literature and Directing. It was during his last semester of college that he came to the realization he was a terrible actor who really wanted to be a director.

Career Path

Over the next 30 years, Keith started eight business ranging from general contracting to retail. In 1990 he started Watts Communications, a television production and advertising firm in Milwaukee, WI that's still in operation today. There he spent 14 years producing, directing, and yes, to the dismay of others, occasionally acting. In 2003 he moved his family to Issaquah where he formed Watts Properties, a family held real estate fund. At the time, the City of Issaquah was growing fast but the Historic Downtown was struggling to find itself. In 2005 Keith began to focus his family's investments on commercial real estate in the historic area of Issaquah, and since, Keith has devoted much of his time to helping the historic community grow while also preserving its heritage. In April of 2017 Keith and his family purchased Whispering Pines RV Park. Keith hopes that by sharing the lessons he learned in Issaquah he can be of assistance to Cle Elum's community in its current efforts to revitalize their historic downtown.


Keith lives in Issaquah and has a residence at Whispering Pines. He has 3 adult children and a bright beautiful 12-year-old step daughter with his partner. "I was almost an empty nester when I fell in love with a wonderful woman who had a six-year-old," he joked, "I've learned that parenting is actually a lot of fun the 4th time around."


Since 2005, Keith's been on the board of directors for the Downtown Issaquah Association helping realize a revitalized downtown. Watts' commitment to community service has included serving on the boards of the Issaquah Chamber of Commerce, ArtEast Issaquah, and the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank. He's also served on the City of Issaquah's Economic Vitality Commission, Issaquah's Downtown Task Force, and their Economic Vitality Task Force. The most satisfying volunteering experience has been his six years with the Kiwanis Club of Issaquah. "I was inspired daily by the incredibly committed and motivated individuals in the club who worked their tails off to help those in need in our community."


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