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Debbie Bogart

About Debbie

Born in Washington State and raised in upper Kittitas County, Debbie has had the opportunity to live and explore several communities across Washington. In 2000, she and her children moved to Alaska where she lived and raised her three children. Moving back to Washington in 2018, Debbie felt a strong desire to return to where she had spent some of her best years.

During her spare time Debbie is a quilter, makes pine needle basket, loves to garden and cook. She is always ready to take a meal for someone in need. “Helping others is a big part of giving back a portion of what I have been blessed with.”

Career Path
Encouraged by her high school teachers to pursue college and explore a career in Nursing, it wasn’t until her sophomore year that she discovered that she was headed down the wrong career path. College allowed her to experience the importance of life-long learning, and develop a desire to help others continue in their learning. After completing her BA in Community Education at Central Washington University, she began working with school districts and community colleges coordinating and administering continuing education programs. This lead her deeper into community programming and the completion of her Masters in Continuing Education. Her career moved her to Alaska where she experienced different new opportunities with the Anchorage School District, with nonprofit administration, higher education donor development and as an employment counselor and employee trainer. Her career path has provided a rich experience in working with all sectors of the community; including youth development and leadership. As an active volunteer, Debbie has had the opportunity to work with small and rural communities in Washington and Alaska, helping strengthen their communities with resources and services that address community concerns. Debbie says, it is always exciting to see what happens when people work together to bring new life or services to their communities.

Raising three children, and now enjoying being a grandmother, Debbie has come to appreciate that raising independent adults means accepting that family time and family gatherings are precious and sometimes not frequent enough. Remaining connected means being thankful for today’s cell phones and social media. At home her cat Marion keeps life lively.

Community is about getting involved and helping others. It is about helping others, whether it’s a meal, a ride to the doctor or more strategic, a service. Community is about working together. Believing in the “unity” in community, Debbie looks for many different ways to be involved. Whether in her current role as the Executive Director for CEDA, or in her volunteer time within her church, her hometown or in her family.

Email: executivedirector@cleelumdowntown.com


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